Making the Impossible Happen

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am when I hear parents talk about their autistic children as though it were a tragedy. They talk as though their lives are over. They say things like, “My child was taken from me when we got the diagnosis” or “How’s he ever going to make friends?” First […]

Isaiah Unmedicated

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” While that is true of many things in life, it cannot be said of Autism. People on the spectrum are different from one another, and there is no such thing as typical. Many can share similar characteristics (e.g. need to have a […]

How to Recognize Heroes

When you hear the word “Hero,” what comes to mind? A character from a comic book? A leading man or woman from a movie? Maybe even a famous athlete? Our society has twisted the meaning of what a hero is. We are no longer able to recognize real heroes. So, on this Independence Day, let’s […]