Oola: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Balance – July 6: Conclusions

I don’t always like conclusions because it means the end of something – the end of the book, the end of the weekend, the end of a challenge, the end of a relationship. However, what I have come to realize and understand more as I get older is that the conclusion of one thing often […]

Oola: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Balance – June 23 to July 1: Optimism

How do you define tragedy? For some it is a major incident like losing money or losing a job or some other life-altering loss. For others, it can be as minor as a change in a routine. Now, imagine you are at a crossroads. For you, a minor change can be devastating and today you […]

Oola: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Balance – June 19: Envy

Did you know that being envious can prevent you from obtaining what you want? Now, I know what some of you are thinking because I thought that, too – “Doesn’t wanting something make you work harder, so how can that stop me?” Envy isn’t just about wanting something. If it was, the word wouldn’t exist […]

Oola: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Balance – June 12: Fun

Getting through these first 7 days of this Oola Challenge was interesting. I had to do some reflecting and reevaluating of different areas of my life that were a little uncomfortable. Yesterday, though, was all about the fun. My challenge was to do something for me that fed my soul. No problem, right? Not exactly. […]


I have run into writer’s block – an unusual writer’s block. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about; it’s that I have too many things to write about. I’m unfocused and jumping topics. I’ve started writing a half-dozen posts today and at least as many yesterday. The first rule of writing is […]