Welcome to Our Museum

Welcome to our museum. I will be your docent for this event. Please hold all questions until the end of the tour. For our first display today, we have a shell of a uterus. It was once used to create life, nurture life, protect life, but this model is defective. It could only successfully birth […]

Before Another Five Years Have Gone

I sit alone and contemplate the vastness of time in all of its small moments How hours and days and seconds are defined by our circumstances, our experiences I dream of all the somedays that never arrive and pin wishes to them as they float away On the whispers of half-believed ideas like the dandelion […]

A Realization

Floating Floating…..but……not Flying? I feel the wind against my cheeks gently slapping me across the face Not flying but falling not gently but out of control faster and I cannot catch my breath I cannot see what is coming Not falling through space..falling through time that never stays in the same place… That never slows […]