Isaiah Goes to SXSW Gaming Expo – Year 2

Life on the autism spectrum can have its moments, especially when you are higher functioning and “look normal.” For individuals like Isaiah, maneuvering through the unknown poses unique challenges. However, through the world and language of gaming, Isaiah has found his kindred spirits and is learning to face and overcome those challenges with dignity and […]

Isaiah Goes to SXSW Gaming Expo – Day 2

Life on the Spectrum functions best when on a schedule, so when that schedule is off, even by just a minute or two, things tend to get a little distressing. The good news is that because Isaiah is maturing, he is able to handle these setbacks with greater ease and is able to recover more […]

Isaiah Goes to SXSW Gaming Expo – Day 1

Life on the autism spectrum can have its challenges, especially when you are higher functioning and “look normal.” For individuals like  Isaiah, getting to know people and engaging in conversation often poses unique challenges because the nuances of language often escape them. Sarcasm, facial expressions, and tone of voice can be misinterpreted leading to misunderstanding, […]

Conquering the World One Convention at a Time

Hello, my internet family! It has been a few years since I put a call out for assistance when my Autistic/Asperger’s son attended his first Comic Con (Wizard World). You all showed up in superb form and were extremely helpful with your stories and pictures and advice. You all made his experience so much richer […]

Dear Marvel, Autism is NOT an Illness

Dear Marvel, Autism is not an illness. I was saddened and dismayed when I learned that Marvel Comics classifies Autism among its  “Mental Illness Weaknesses” on I have no problem with Autism being listed as a weakness because I happen to agree with that. It can be a social weakness because someone on the spectrum […]

Isaiah Unmedicated

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” While that is true of many things in life, it cannot be said of Autism. People on the spectrum are different from one another, and there is no such thing as typical. Many can share similar characteristics (e.g. need to have a […]

Cracking the Communication Code

If you are a living, breathing person, you have probably noticed that people communicate in different ways. Men and women definitely use contradicting methods of communication. Parents and children often have huge misunderstandings. How do you communicate? Are you direct and always say what you mean? Do you drop hints? Do you use subtext or innuendo? Maybe […]