Before Another Five Years Have Gone

I sit alone and contemplate the vastness of time in all of its small moments How hours and days and seconds are defined by our circumstances, our experiences I dream of all the somedays that never arrive and pin wishes to them as they float away On the whispers of half-believed ideas like the dandelion […]

Oola: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Balance – July 3: Change

Who among us really enjoy change? I’m not talking about the kind of change that comes when you move to a new city or new job. I’m not talking about the changes that occur organically throughout life such as friends who pass through our corner of the world on their way to their next adventure […]

Oola: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Balance – June 23 to July 1: Optimism

How do you define tragedy? For some it is a major incident like losing money or losing a job or some other life-altering loss. For others, it can be as minor as a change in a routine. Now, imagine you are at a crossroads. For you, a minor change can be devastating and today you […]

Oola: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Balance – June 10: Faith

Today, I’m focusing on faith – what it is and why it’s important. I will do my best to present the information as accurately and as fairly as possible. However, I am human. My preferences are likely to bleed through the sentences. This is my journey after all. Faith is a strong belief and trust […]

Oola: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Balance – June 6

Sometimes we all need to take an inventory of ourselves. The world we live in today pressures us to look outside of ourselves to find fault and blame and happiness and fulfillment. We as a society have been conditioned to hang our mood and self-worth on the conditions around us rather than the conditions within […]