Before Another Five Years Have Gone

I sit alone and contemplate the vastness of time in all of its small moments How hours and days and seconds are defined by our circumstances, our experiences I dream of all the somedays that never arrive and pin wishes to them as they float away On the whispers of half-believed ideas like the dandelion […]

Oola: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Balance – June 12: Fun

Getting through these first 7 days of this Oola Challenge was interesting. I had to do some reflecting and reevaluating of different areas of my life that were a little uncomfortable. Yesterday, though, was all about the fun. My challenge was to do something for me that fed my soul. No problem, right? Not exactly. […]

Isaiah Goes to SXSW Gaming Expo – Day 3, The Finale

When most people face minor disappointments, such as not winning the prize they were hoping for, they might be a little sad, but they are able to shake it off and move on. That is seldom the case when you live on the Autism spectrum. There are no such things as minor disappointments, and processing […]

Thalia’s Journey

You won’t understand that when I look in the mirror            the image is fractured and lies to me That despite hours of practice (and countless compliments)              I still believe I’m crap I fear the silence because it thunders and echoes doubt       […]

Conquering the World One Convention at a Time

Hello, my internet family! It has been a few years since I put a call out for assistance when my Autistic/Asperger’s son attended his first Comic Con (Wizard World). You all showed up in superb form and were extremely helpful with your stories and pictures and advice. You all made his experience so much richer […]