Little One

Can you hear me little one, tucked safe inside? Can you hear my heart beating? Can you feel me breathe for us?

Do you dream of a world outside where I can hold you? A world where you hear me clearly and not through the muffled, rushing sounds around you – an ethereal quiet that promises life outside?

Do you dream of someday eating with your mouth, where you suckle at my bosom and know that you are safe in a world that screams whispers at your newly used ears? Do you dream of what new tastes and sensations await you? Do you wonder what bananas actually taste like or what spicy actually is?

Do you dream of crawling around and exploring your world? Do you long to feel the cool grass under your feet just before you fall after taking your first step alone?

Do you dream about relearning how to swim and what sand feels like? Do you think the currents of the ocean will ebb and flow with the same movements or will they be so unpredictable you try to bury yourself in the sand. Will there be a fire to roast marshmallows that are as gooey and sweet as your smiles that I dream of?

Do you dream about a girlfriend or a boyfriend or both? Do you wish to be compassionate and understanding of others? Do you think I am a kind and caring mother? Do you hope for college and changing the world as we know it, reshaping what it is to be called human, challenging your mind while changing your view?

Do you dream of your own marriage and your own children?

Can you hear me little one, tucked safe in your bed of earth, beneath your blanket of soft green? Can you hear my heart breaking? Can you feel me breathe as I water your flowers with my grief?


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