Oola: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Balance – June 12: Fun

Getting through these first 7 days of this Oola Challenge was interesting. I had to do some reflecting and reevaluating of different areas of my life that were a little uncomfortable. Yesterday, though, was all about the fun.

My challenge was to do something for me that fed my soul. No problem, right? Not exactly. You see, the one thing that really feeds my soul is dancing, but not just any dancing. It has to be West Coast Swing (WCS). I love the freedom the dance gives you to play with the music, communicate with a partner through connection, and express who you are. You reveal so much about yourself through WCS. I actually had a coach tell me during one group class, “You have trust issues, don’t you?” when we were practicing tricks. While I was slightly embarrassed, I couldn’t deny it. This dance can become that personal and revealing even in practice. It is wonderfully and terribly exciting to dance with new people, to compete with and against others of your same ability level, to step on the floor after weeks and months of practice with a routine and a partner you trust. There is no better felling than the sense of community and support from a ballroom full of people who know exactly how you are feeling no matter where you are on your WCS journey.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I would have loved to go dancing yesterday, but unfortunately, I do not currently live close enough (within 30 minutes) to a WCS community. Therefore, I had to look at some of my other hobbies that feed my soul. I could read a book – the chance to journey to another time or place while not leaving the comfort of my bed. I could work on my writing – the chance to create my own world in another time or place while drinking tea and snacking on inappropriate carbs (aka biscuits, crisps, chocolate). However, neither of those options would have gotten me out of the house.

So, what did I do? I took my camera and my phone and went to the local nature trail. I found interesting pictures to use as story starters later. I played with the settings on my camera to create interesting frames and amazing (in my opinion) pictures that are thought provoking … even if the only though the viewer has is “What was she thinking?!”

I played with the negative setting on my phone camera and captured pictures of what would have been mundane but were transformed to works of art through the camera lens. I even started a new photo series for my Instagram called “Beauty in the Negative” because sometimes inspiration is where you least expect it.

Did I get to go dancing? No. Was I still able to unleash my creative monster? Yes. I was also able to take a negative mindset about a situation and find beauty when I went looking for it. That’s really what yesterday’s challenge was for me – finding a positive out of a negative, finding the element of fun and creativity that I know exists within me. I just have to look.


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