Oola: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Balance – June 9: Field

What is your field? What do you do to support your home and family? The two key words here are “support” and “your”. Did you notice that or did you assume I was talking about a job or society’s definition of home and family?

Support might mean that you are working outside the home. Support might be that you are working from home. Support might be that you stay home to care for the household. If you don’t think that is a full-time job, you are sadly misinformed. I mean let’s be real. Some people have to hire a whole staff to do what stay-at-home moms, dads, and spouses do for free and often without thanks.

There are also many types of families in this world. There always has been, and there always will be. It is time that we recognize the fact that support for and definition of family can vary widely. For example, I am a single mom. I work in education which means that most holidays and definitely summers, I am a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). During the school year, I have to hustle just like the other working moms: Did I get the boy up? Did he get dressed? Does he have practice this morning? Did he take his meds today? Does he have lunch? Did I remind him to put on deodorant? What’s the plan for dinner? Do my shoes match each other?

You get the idea. In the summer when I am a SAHM, I have to: figure out if there is enough food in the house for a teenage boy, plan activities so he doesn’t spend the whole summer in his room, keep as regular a schedule as possible, plan meals besides dinner, plan activities for myself to be able to get out of the house, clean the house more often because I have the time to do it, make a budget, balance a budget, stick to the budget.

The bottom line is that I am just as busy or more so in the summer as a SAHM as I am during the school year. Those were the choices I made for my family. I chose to be a single mom. I chose to work in education which allows me to be home in the summers.

The choices you make for you family might be different. They aren’t wrong. Don’t let anyone tell you that your choices for your family are wrong. They absolutely are not. They are what works for your family. You might not have children. You might be a stay-at-home spouse. You might be a stay-at-home dad. Whatever works for you and your family is what is best.

I applaud all those who choose to stay home or work from home as their way of supporting their home and family. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. You work harder than anyone else I know. Keep up the good work because you are the real superheroes.



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