Isaiah Goes to SXSW Gaming Expo – Day 2

Life on the Spectrum functions best when on a schedule, so when that schedule is off, even by just a minute or two, things tend to get a little distressing. The good news is that because Isaiah is maturing, he is able to handle these setbacks with greater ease and is able to recover more quickly. He is not “growing out” of his Autism. He is maturing and learning to adapt.

Day 2 started a little later than Day 1 which put Isaiah in an agitated state to begin the day. He kept asking questions “Why are we leaving so late?”, “How long is this stop going to take?”, “Are you sure we won’t miss the bus?”.  We were able to catch the bus just in time, and we still arrived before the doors opened. The line experience was far different from Day 1 because rather than a long single line in the hallway, we were waiting in an exhibition hall that was taped off (similar to the lines you wait in at amusement parks that zigzag). This allowed Isaiah to interact with people all around him rather than just in front of or behind him. Isaiah became slightly agitated, and mouthy, when the doors did not open precisely at noon, but he managed his disappoint well for the one minute he had to wait before the line started moving.

Once inside, Isaiah made a bee line for “To The Top”, the virtual reality game from day 1. Again he had to wait because the exhibitors were not finished with their set up. Isaiah took it in stride and was ready to play as soon as set up complete. As an added bonus, Isaiah was able to participate in a contest. If he completes the course with the fastest time, he will win a gaming console. When we left SXSW Gaming Expo, Isaiah still held the record by a fraction of a second. He’s hoping his luck holds for the rest of the convention.

After To The Top, Isaiah wandered around the exhibition hall looking at booths. He made his way over to the Superfight booth again and played the game with new people. He was even asked to be a judge for the game during one demonstration. He played one more demonstration and bought a pack to take home and share with his friends. Then he moved on to another area to demo other video games.

At the end of two hours, which seems to be his tolerance limit, we made our way out of the convention and back to the bus to head home. Isaiah felt very excited about the contest he is hoping to win , and he is looking forward to sharing his new card game with his friends when he returns to school.



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