A Home Divided

I see you. You think I don’t

But I do.

I’m far away from you

Just a phone call or a text

Or a word or a smile


You cannot follow me because your

Home is made of routine

Of schedules

Of same

I cannot follow you because my

Home is made of rhythms

Of timing changes

Of chaos in motion

You grow more everyday and I miss it

But you stay the same heart

The same opinions

The same black and white world

(From the outside)

Sometimes you let me in

And I see the world of color and sound and emotion

An Explosion that you must experience

Everyday unable to express what you see

You are drowning in a world

You don’t understand because

Metaphor and sarcasm are

Foreign languages

I reach for you and


I get to hold your hand

For a moment we are

Together for a moment

We are not

A Home Divided


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