Crossing Oceans

I came across a meme today that made me really think about my actions and the choices I make. I wish I knew who to credit for it because I no longer feel guilty about how I show my affection for someone.

You see, society tells us that we should only think about ourselves. That no one does anything without an angle. But that’s not true! We need to stop believing the lies the media spoonfeeds us. It’s okay to love, to be kind, to give, to go above and beyond without expecting anything in return. Life is about sharing. Sometimes you share happiness. Sometimes pain. The important thing to remember is that you lived. You cannot hide away from the world because you might get hurt. To quote Jim Butcher from his novel, Summer Knight, “The only people who don’t hurt are the dead.”

So, for those of you who wonder why I do the things I do for people who don’t seem to appreciate it, here is the reason.

I do it because I love with a passionate heart! I am kind to a fault because I know how it feels when people are cruel! I help others because I know what it is to cry myself to sleep because someone chose not to help me! I love even when I am not loved in return because bittersweet memories are better than no memories at all!

And a bruised, scarred heart makes you kind when you choose forgiveness.

So, cross oceans.



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