I’ve never been great at keeping a journal. It’s taking a great deal of discipline on my part, but this is me – doing. This is me attempting to leave a legacy, attempting infinity and permanence through a finite and impermanent medium.

I’ve used social media for some years now and posted on my page and the pages of my friends. I’ve posted items that many people liked and commented on and shared. I’ve also posted items that most people never saw and no one acknowledged. Why I thought that other forms of internet communication and blog posts would be any different is beyond me. But I did. I thought that somehow it would make me more visible, more accessible. After all, social media status (or rather the attention we get for our updates, posts, and blogs) defines us almost as much as the clothes we wear, the people we associate with, what we like and dislike, our triumphs and our failures.

When I began my journey through social cyberspace, I was sure that I would suddenly be blessed with the ability to write witty, unforgettable statements that would be shared the around the world – twice – even though I hadn’t flexed my writing muscle in years. So, imagine my surprise when none of my new posts had been favorited or referenced or shared. What, you mean I’m not super-popular with screaming fans? Surely someone thinks I’m interesting, right? Well, probably, but that’s the problem with forever. It takes longer than a day or two.  It also takes work and time to get to know people and develop relationships in person (People still do that right?).

The same holds true for online relationships as well. So, why do I, and others like me, get upset or saddened when our social media missives aren’t wildly popular, when our ideas don’t go viral? When no one sees us cry or laugh?

Because we want our stories told. We want to be remembered. It’s the only immortality we get. The internet is our version of a cave wall, a Civil War diary, or a collection of World War II letters.  We want to matter. We want to leave our mark on the world.

So, here is one part of my story. This is me giving you a peek at my immortal soul during one summer night in 2015. How will you be remembered?


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