Everyone has a story and every story has someone. The wants and desires and hurts. The dreams and successes and failures. There is always a story. People always say “I’m not a good writer,” but they forget that they have a story to tell. We tell it in pieces to our friends and family at gatherings and parties and dinners served in the warm glow of loved ones. Sometimes the stories are told in the quiet, harsh lights of a sterile hospital or unwelcoming kitchen. Sometimes we shout the stories at the top of our lungs and sometimes we whisper them to the silence.

Writing is just the words we use every day. It doesn’t have to be flowery and foreign the way most people think of poetry. It doesn’t have to be high-brow and academic the way some people think about novels. Writing is your story. Use the pieces you tell us when we meet. Use the words that come to you naturally. There are no wrong words only the ones left unsaid, unwritten, and unused.

Those words. Those are the ones that hang in the air like fruit too ripe for the tree or the stench left behind after dinner was burned. The unused words, unsaid, unwritten leave scars that never heal because they were never unleashed.

Tell your story. Use your words. Be brave. Be Bold. Be inspired. Be an inspiration. Be the cause of conversation and controversy. Be who you are. Be apologetic. Be brash. Be wonderful. Be horrible. Be better. Be worse. Be you. Tell your story. Use your words. Find what you thought you lost or never had.


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