What makes you brave?

What makes you brave? What are you passionate about? How do you spark the drive and passion that others have within them? I don’t think I am a brave person – not to the degree that I see others from history. I don’t really like the spotlight unless I am performing and can’t see the audience. Although I do enjoy an accolade now and then like anyone else, I’m a little shy and embarrassed when others tell me I have done a good job. However, within the safety of my classroom, I do my best to allow the students to have their own opinions, to offer them opportunities to see the world beyond what they know. I offer them the chance to think about their definition of fair and unfair. I share different cultures with them through the readings I choose for them and through the topics we write about. We have open discussions in class about my opinion of things in the world (always prefacing it with “The World according to Ms. Sisneros”). I challenge them to think about what they can do now and what they can do in future.

I am not brave. I am not anyone the historians will write about. I am one woman. My goal is to change the world one mind at a time.


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