I Remember

I remember the smell of of summer berries

early in the dew-kissed morning

I remember the mountain standing tall and majestic

as we turned the corner toward home

I remember sunrises and the smell of bacon

sizzling on the stove

I remember horses and

the smell of hay in the barn

I remember the tallest pine I’d ever seen being smaller than

I remember I remember

the feeling of home the safety and welcome of

fast and friendly hugs

I remember music and

smiles and laughter

I remember new friends becoming

old acquaintances and friends

who become family

I remember tears and hard work

and sore muscles

I remember tears and sobs

I remember joy and triumph

when I remember that

nothing worthwhile is easy

I remember forgetting

and how it hurt

I remember what I’d rather forget

but mostly

I remember me

I remember to find myself



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