Isaiah’s Comic Con

Here’s what’s been going on in my corner of the world.

I know it has been a few days since my last post. I apologize. It has taken some time to get back to anything that even remotely resembles a schedule. I mean after his first lock-in with the youth group and a weekend of Comic Conning, I’m surprised we’ve been able to function at all this week. But not to worry, I’m back. I survived … and so did Isaiah

Isaiah’s Lock-In with the Youth Group

Since Isaiah will be in 7th grade this year, he is now officially eligible to attend activities that the church youth group sponsors. Last Wednesday, Isaiah attended a lock-in. For those of you who don’t know, a lock-in is where you cram as many tweens and teens as you can into a building for a night and lock them in all night. Some brave souls (also known as parents) chaperone these darlings and make sure everyone is having a good time while minding their manners.

Isaiah’s lock-in was in San Antonio at the Main Event. It was video games, bowling, and laser tag all night. Well, that’s what it was for most everyone. After making new friends and riding for an hour in a car with his new friends, Isaiah discovered the world of laser tag. With the exception of about 30 minutes, Isaiah spent the entire night (12:45 to 4:15) playing laser tag. I was excited because Isaiah found something he could do. It was similar to a video game, but it required him to interact with other people. He found something he liked that everyone else liked as well.

For one night, he was just like any other kid.IMG_1362

Isaiah’s Comic Con Experience

First of all, I cannot brag enough about how helpful the Wizard World staff were during the Comic Con in San Antonio. Not only did they do everything they could (and then some) to make sure Isaiah had a successful and enjoyable Con, they also had some of the BEST volunteers I have ever seen. On the first day, Volunteer Nikki (spelling unsure) managed the VIP lines and would hold my place in line while I checked on Isaiah (who was sitting in the quieter adjacent entryway). Volunteer Angelica was also very helpful for the Alan Tudyk Panel. I can’t remember everyone’s  names, but I know that I did not have a single bad interaction with any of the staff or volunteers. So, Tank You, Thank You, Thank You Wizard World!

Now, about Isaiah’s impression and experience. I’d told Isaiah that many people dress up for comic con. I showed him photos and videos (Thank you to everyone ho posted those by the way!), but he was still reluctant to go in full costume. Finally, the day arrived and Isaiah gave in. He decided to wear a costume. Was he going as Spiderman? Batman? A Jedi Knight? or Harry Potter? Nope. He decided to be someone he could relate to a little better. He was Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. It’s progress, so I’ll take it!

IMG_20140801_082623 Making friends in the queue

(L)As Sheldon; (R) Making friends in the queue

The second day, Alan Tudyk day, Isaiah wore a Spiderman mask and t-shirt. It wasn’t a full costume but that’s okay. He allowed me to be in a full Kaylee (Firefly) costume.

And even better than that, Isaiah found costumed people he wanted pictures of and got in the picture with them. Huzzah!!! More progress. Isaiah was beginning to get comfortable and realize that many people enjoy superheroes, villains, and video games.

IMG_1440 Taking pictures

Taking pictures

Isaiah even allowed me to attend an additional panel (Thank you James Marsters for the wonderful answer you game the drama teacher during your panel. It was priceless, amazing, and not far off what I tell my student actors).

We saw Alan Tudyk, and it wasn’t until he started doing some of his voice work that Isaiah truly believed who Alan Tudyk is. But Isaiah had a great time and enjoyed listening without incident. However, after the panel, Isaiah was ready to go home. We hadn’t taken our pictures yet, so I had to convince Isaiah to wait the 45 minutes we needed.

I’m sure we looked a little strange to Mr. Tudyk. There I was in my Kaylee cosplay gathering Isaiah’s things from him and asking if I needed to be in the picture. And there was Isaiah quoting to Alan Tudyk Dutch from Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Isaiah speaks so quickly that I had to clarify. Once I did, Alan laughed and requoted the line to Isaiah in Dutch’s voice. I asked Isaiah again if he wanted me in the picture but he said no. He took the picture alone, and we left. Again, I’m sure it looked strange that “Kaylee” did not get a picture with “Wash” but Isaiah was ready to leave. We were in a such a hurry that I left my parasol behind and had to go back for it.

Anyway, on Sunday, the last day, I met Sean Patrick Flannery and then took my picture with Alan Tudyk (no costume). Isaiah waited calmly because after I did that, I allowed him to watch a video until it was time to get our pictures and our autographs. I am happy to say that whether he actually remembered him or not, Alan Tudyk did tell Isaiah that he it was nice to see him again and complimented him on his choice of Assassin’s Creed figurine.

The whole experience was enjoyable and made Isaiah feel special. I really couldn’t ask for more than that.




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