On Holiday

For the last few days, I have been on holiday (vacation for those of us in the USA), and this year  has been a unique blend of stress and relaxation. My niece graduated from high school, and I helped with the party. My daughter moved out of our house and moved in with her father. I interviewed for several jobs but was respectfully passed over for another candidate. However, I am fortunate enough to have a great friend who is willing to let me share her home to decompress and get the rest I need.

I’ve also spent the holiday researching and designing my classroom for next year. I’ve found activities to try, new ways to organize and decorate, and videos to use to make my classroom more inviting and student-centered.

I danced for days, connected with old friends, made new friends, and got to know some friends a little better. I showed off my new haircut and tried some new dance moves. I didn’t have any obligations or responsibilities. It was amazing! But my Holiday is coming to an end, culminating this weekend as I attend my first ever Comic Con with my son, Isaiah, at his first Comic Con. I plan on wearing a Kaylee-inspired costume, and I am hoping Isaiah will wear his Spider-Man costume. If he has a good experience, we might just have a new family tradition. That, more than anything else, would be best part of my holiday – Isaiah welcoming something new.


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