Feeling Uninspired

What does it mean to be inspired? Does it mean that some external force or entity jumps out and shouts, “Here I am!”? Does being inspired mean that you are somehow more creative than you were five minutes ago?

I don’t think so. I think everyone has a creative nature. I think being inspired means that for just a moment you stop letting doubt get in your way. It means looking at the world around you, listening to your own desires, and letting your dreams come to life.

Now, I know that today’s post is titled “Feeling Uninspired,” and to be honest when I began writing, I was feeling a bit uninspired. However, I started writing anyway, not because I had anything to say really, but because I wanted to have a post for today. But you know what? Once I started writing and got out of my head, once I got out of my own way, I found what I wanted to say.

My point is this – even the most skilled of us – writers, creators, artists, musicians, engineers – feel uninspired at times, that their skills are not good enough. They doubt themselves and question everything, but once they get past that, they open the doors that were already in front of them. They stopped and read that the door said “Push” not “Pull.”

So, take a moment today, leave your doubt where it belongs (behind you), get out of your own way, and see what inspiration has for you. Maybe you will discover the beauty of a wildflower or the solution to a problem at work. Maybe you will find the idea for the next great novel or a great new recipe that the whole family will enjoy.

Although you may feel I haven’t said much today, that it feels like rambling, remember that I write this blog for myself, really, and you’re just along for the ride – for the chance to see through my eyes –  and get a view to my corner of the world.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Uninspired

  1. I was always taught that the blank page is one of the most terrifying items known to man!.

    A great book given to me by one of my college voice professors is The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp. When your job relies on being “inspired” and “creative” on a constant basis, managing your “creative health” is critical!

    • I agree. So, yesterday I took a trip to the San Antonio Museum of Art and walked around all day letting the pieces speak to me. I also took my camera for a different perspective.

      After walking through the Matisse exhibit, I participated in a Matisse-inspired art class that included cut-outs, block painting, sculpture, and still-life pastels. I was a great way to exercise those creative muscles.

      I try not to leave a blank page blank for too long. If I can’t think of what to write I do one of two things:
      1. I just start writing – lists, random thoughts, words or phrases from random pages in random books.
      2. I sketch or doodle so the page is no longer blank.

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