Can’t Stop the Fandom

Yesterday, I issued a call to arms and asked the Fandoms out there to help my son, Isaiah, with his first Comic Con experience. The response was overwhelming! So many of you sprang (or clicked) into action sharing your experiences and pictures and forwarding my post around the web. You all have been so caring and understanding that it only further cements by belief that Geeks are the best people out there. Being a Geek myself, I already knew this was true for my corner of the world, but to see so many around the world rally to support Isaiah was a balm and a boon to my heart and soul.

Please keep your stories and pictures coming here and on Twitter (#IsaiahsComicCon and @WendiKae). I promise that I will have posts and pictures in 17 days to chronicle Isaiah’s experience. You all have been such an instrumental part of making him feel accepted and at ease by sharing yourselves that I want to include you in his experience. As of this post, Isaiah is planning an taking his lightsaber with him. He is also contemplating wearing a costume.

Thank you for helping to spread Autism Awareness and for helping to change that to Autism Acceptance.


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