Practicing Creativity

I started writing again to make me a better teacher. I read somewhere that if you are bored presenting the lesson, then your students are definitely bored sitting through it. Well, that gave me the grand idea to be SUPER CREATIVE TEACHER. However, I haven’t practiced being creative in as many years as I haven’t practiced writing. Light bulb! I decided to give my blogging a real chance this time and practice writing  and being creative at the same time.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is looking at the world and imagining it the way you want it to be. The problem with our perception of creativity is that we think only novelists, artists, actors, and musicians are creative, but that isn’t true. Everyone has the ability to be creative. We engaged in imaginary play as children. We played with action figures and dolls. We played with building blocks. We colored inside the lines and outside the lines and outside the traditional color schemes. We wanted to be teachers and doctors and firefighters. We dreamed of being astronauts and discovering new worlds. We were explorers and scientists. We built entire kingdoms in our neighborhoods.

As we grow up, we get creative with own personal style. We decorate our rooms and our homes. We take someone else’s style and tweak it to make it our own. The evidence is overwhelming that we all can be creative. We just need to practice.

Practicing Creativity

How do I practice creativity? Well, I could join one of those online websites that promises to increase brain power. The problem with that option is that it requires me to spend money and time online. Nothing against the cyber world, obviously I already spend time here, but I don’t want to spend all my time here. And the whole point of me practicing creativity in the first place is to make me a better teacher in the real world.

So, I challenge myself to write a blog post every day. Doing so means I have to communicate and say something new and interesting in an engaging way every day. I challenge myself to take pictures and actually look at life through a different lens or from a different angle. Taking pictures forces me to see everyday objects from a new perspective. Rearranging my room can also stimulate new perspective thinking. I play board games and card games with my children that require me to form a strategy.

Applying Creativity

Throughout the summer, I will be trying the most difficult challenge – reworking a boring lesson so that it becomes more engaging. I’m going to start small by changing one or two aspects of a lesson I already have. Maybe I’ll include a craft or a video or a song. Then, I’ll try taking an idea I find and tweaking it to fit my students. Finally, with practice, I’ll be able to create my own ideas. Until then, though, I’ll continue to practice being creative. Maybe I’ll even get a little messy and silly.


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